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TonCut is intended for cutting optimization of flat (2D) and long (1D) materials, such as: glass, wood, stone, metal, aluminum, plexiglass, cardboard, tubes, bars, etc.

How to remove the red warning when printing labels?

Short explanation. In label options, in the Labels tab, specify the number of labels per page printed, dimensions and layout. Additionally, in the Margins tab, specify the margins for the whole page. Please make sure a page can contain as many full labels as specified in the Labels tab.

Longer explanation. The following settings are responsible for the layout of labels on a printed page:

  • Number of label columns and rows - this specified how many labels will be placed horizontally and vertically on a page.
  • Label width and height - this specifies the dimensions of a label.
  • Horizontal and vertical spaces - this specifies the spacing between labels.
  • Page margins - this specifies the margins of a page.

For example, suppose we are printing on a 210 x 297 mm A4 page. Our label paper has the following parameters:

  • Margins - 4 mm top and bottom, 1 mm left and right.
  • Label dimensions - 69.2 x 36.1 mm.
  • Number of labels - 3 horizontally, 8 vertically.
  • No spacing between labels.

This means that:

  • The working space is 208 x 289 mm - we have subtracted the margins from the page dimensions.
  • We have 3 labels horizontally, 69.2 mm each, hence a total of 207.6 mm.
  • We have 8 labels vertically, 36.1 mm each, hence a total of 288.8 mm.
  • 207.6 is less than 208. Likewise, 288.8 is less than 289. Our labels will fit on the page and the red warning will not be displayed.
  • If we increase the size or number of the labels or the spacing between them, they will no longer fit on the page and the red warning will appear.
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