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TonCut is intended for cutting optimization of flat (2D) and long (1D) materials, such as: glass, wood, stone, metal, aluminum, plexiglass, cardboard, tubes, bars, etc.


Professional or Basic?

Feature Basic Professional
Easy operation 
Easy to use and legible user interface.
Use of AI 
The program uses AI to improve optimization results.
Convenient simultaneous management of multiple projects 
The projects allow grouping pieces by orders, customers, or other categories.
Automated warehouse stock support 
After accepting the results, the stocks will be updated automatically.
Optimization history 
Optimization history is easily available directly in the program.
With templates, you can enter repeatable piece sets much faster.
1D optimization with miter cuts 
With a special algorithm, 1D pieces with miter cuts are even better arranged to achieve the lowest possible waste.
Stack cutting 
Optimized for simultaneous cutting of multiple stocks at once.
6 algorithms for individual optimization 
Cutting optimization using up to six advanced optimization algorithms.
Global optimization algorithms 
Global optimization algorithms allow waste reduction in the whole optimization and not just in the individual cuttings.
Optimization profiles 
Simultaneous searching by multiple optimization profiles.
Support for different material groups 
Cutting optimization functionality for multiple material groups simultaneously.
Various cutting devices support 
Generating cuttings that take cutting machine capabilities into account.
Support for veneering 
Option to mark edges for veneering.
Prioritization of pieces 
Pieces with higher priority have a better chance of being selected for cutting.
Prioritization of stocks 
Low-priority stocks will be used only after other stocks have been used up.
Support for cutting thickness 
Possibility of various cutting thickness (kerf) setting.
Support for material surface structure 
Support for material surface pattern (so-called structure, ornament, graining, etc.).
Support of devices with cut depth limit
Support of devices with cut length limit 
Guillotines, panel saws, etc.
Statistics and calculations 
Accurate statistics for entered data and results - both in the program and on the printouts.
Results filtering 
Possibility to filter the results to ensure that waste will never exceed specified value.
Printing optimization results
Saving optimization results to file
Waste dimensioning 
Usable waste dimensioning on printouts.
Dimension units 
Possibility to adapt dimensioning unit.
Using full power of your computer 
In order to accelerate searching, program uses the full power of your computer by using all CPU cores.
Labelling of pieces 
Label printouts for pieces.
Waste labelling 
Label printouts for usable waste.
Import directly from Microsoft Excel 
No need to save the XLSX or CSV file. You can send data to TonCut with one click.
Text files import 
Flexible import of text files containing tabular data. Any column layout is acceptable.
CSV files import 
Flexible import of files in CSV format. Any column layout is acceptable.
Import of XLSX, XLS and ODS files 
XLSX, XLS and ODS files can be imported. Any column layout is acceptable.
CSV files export 
Data and optimization results export to CSV files (compatibility with Microsoft Excel).
HPGL files export 
Export of results to HPGL files.
PLT files export 
Export of results to PLT files.
DXF files export 
Export of results to DXF files.
Extensions (e.g. KD Max, Mach3, etc.) 
Additional plugins for reading/writing files and for operating cutting devices.


The FLX license can be transferred to another computer, if necessary.

The FLX license is not a multi-user license or a float-type license. All TonCut licenses are standalone licenses assigned to a workstation, not a person!

Transferring FLX license to another computer is only possible after a few days have passed since its last use. In justified cases, the transfer of license may take place faster, but this requires our intervention.

Note: FLX license requires continuous Internet access on the computer on which it is used!

The OFL license cannot be transferred to other computers. The license is permanently assigned to a single computer and this cannot be changed.


The OFL license should solely be considered if the computer on which the program is to be run has no access to the Internet. In all other cases, we recommend purchasing the FLX license.

Prolonging the licenses and updates

Licenses can be freely prolonged and updated. Remember to do this 14 days after its expiry at the latest. You are entitled to 20% discount until that moment.

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